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Dr. Rose Jensen

Dr. Rose Jensen

Dr. Jensen was born and raised in the Midwest - Omaha, Nebraska to be exact.  She knew at a young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian.  Now you would think in the Midwest everyone lived on the farm, but not her.  Omaha is a metropolitan area.  She wished she lived on a farm and would look in the Sunday papers for farms for sale to show her dad. 

He would laugh and play along.

She went to Iowa State University and studied Biological Illustration, a new degree at the time.  It paired well with both her scientific interests and her artistic side.

She graduated in 1989 from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine.  She moved back to Omaha for one year, worked for 4 years in the Quad City, Iowa area, and lived by the Mississippi.

The Cold winters and floods in the summer of 1994 caused her to seek a warmer climate.  She worked for 2 years in Phoenix before buying Amigo Animal Clinic in the summer of 1997.

She enjoys the daily hustle and bustle of clinic activity, saying, "you never know what interesting case will come in next."

A close call with cancer in 2010 gave her a whole new perspective on life and an appreciation for how her patients and clients feel when they are on the other side of the exam table.

Her family consists of 3 cats and 4 dogs, all rescues from the clinic.   

Pink Kitty: Actually a dog! A pitbull  mix with a heart of gold!

Josie: A french bull dog that was rescued after being attacked by another dog. 

Figgy: A chihuahua mix that is shy and sweet.

Dragon Tail: Brought in by a client with an extreme case of Parvo. Dr. Jensen nursed her back to health and she became part of the " Jensteen Family"

Big Daddy:  a gray and tabby who was found by a client as a 4 week old kitten in a roof gutter.

Redrum:   an orange tabby who was a kitten with a bad upper respiratory infection, that was left behind when the owners moved out of their house.

Agnus:  a beautiful blue-eyed calico found in her neighborhood.