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  • First Aid No-No's
    By Miranda We all dread that moment when our animals need emergency help, whether it’s a wound, broken bone, or ingesting human medications. It is very important to know what to do Read more
  • Pet Food Labels - Common Terms
    “Large-Breed” Puppy  Lower calcium content than regular puppy foods to help control growth rate. Energy density and fat content also slightly reduced. Urinary Health  Acidified food with low magnesium. Claims of “low ash” are not Read more
  • Pet Food Labels - Product Names
    Product Names  There are regulations on what a pet food can be called, based on the ingredients present: 100% Chicken  Chicken and only chicken is the main ingredient. The food can contain preservatives, Read more
  • Pet Food Labels
    How to Read Pet Food Labels Pet food labels are legal documents subject to regulation. The FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine establishes standards for all animal feeds, enforces regulations pertaining to Read more